Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Granite Countertops

As a handyman general contractor, we do kitchen and bathroom restoration projects on an almost monthly basis.  As a part of these restorations, the replacement of counter tops is a must if the project is going to be successful.

Before we started offering this type service, we did extensive research into the techniques and products necessary to accomplish this task and found that these type of repairs take extensive skills and know how, and only the highest skilled and experienced craftsmen can accomplish this task.

That is why we only send our best crews to remove and replace counter tops and have contracted with the best craftsmen in Houston to accomplish our granite counter top installations.

As you probably know, the beauty of natural stone is legendary. From counter tops to flooring, natural stone can turn an ordinary room into a showplace. Our natural stone products include granite, marble, travertine and quart, and we offer these items in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. From prefabricated and custom counter tops, we offer our customers the largest and finest selection.

Although there are many counter top choices in the market, we believe granite is the superior choice. Stunning and stylish, granite counter tops are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom; blending well with both contemporary and traditional styles. It defines elegance in any area and contributes to the beauty of even the most modest kitchens or baths. Products made of natural stone will not depreciate with time and will add value to any property. There is no surface as distinct and unique in its beauty as natural stone. The durability of natural stone is also one of the main reasons it is selected.

In addition to withstanding high heat and traffic, stone such as granite is naturally resilient to scratches. Our granite is pre-fabricated at the manufacturer to save you both time and money. Our granite counter tops come in standard counter top and island sizes that will minimize waste and cost. With the edges already finished, our fabricator only needs to cut the granite pieces to length and add sink or cook-top cutouts prior to installation. These reduced fabrication and material costs ultimately save you money.

Our selection of granite includes 41 granite colors imported representing countries from all over the world such as Brazil, China and India, which gives you a diverse selection to suit your every need.

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com or go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/countertops.html for more information.  You can also contact us by phone at (832) 800-4441.

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