Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pre-Listing and After Inspection Repairs

As a handyman general contractor, we work with many of the largest real estate companies to assist them with their pre-listing, option period, after inspection and make ready repairs.  

If you happen to be a Realtor® or Seller, we can provide make ready and inspection repair quote services for you and your clients at a nominal cost of $85. 

All you need to do is complete our Inspection Quote Service Form and we will contact you immediately. You will also have the ability to pay our $85 fee for this service.

If you have an inspection report, you can upload it to our system after you pay your fee. Just follow the instruction on the Thank You page and you will be able to upload your report directly into our system by following the instructions given.

In addition to Realtor® make ready's option period repairs and after inspection services we also provide make ready services for residential property rentals and apartments. If you are in need of make ready services just fill out our Request Form and someone will contact you immediately.

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com or go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/option.html for more information.  You can also contact us by phone at (832) 800-4441.

High Quality At LOW Prices?

We get a lot of calls from customers wanting us to provide service in their home and when we give them the price, they have a cat....  What is up?

Why do people think they can get high quality service at discounted prices?  Do they think that just because we are a smaller independent handyman company, we can perform quality work at lower price than the other larger companies?

The fact is, we carry the same insurance, have more experience and usually more qualified tradesmen than the large companies do,.  We also provide much better customer service and warranties....

The only thing I ask my customers is, do you want price or quality?  I also tell the, "It is almost impossible to get both!!"

We have over 50 years of combined construction experience and hire only the highest trained and experienced tradesmen.  Our business relies on repeat business and our customer testimonials tell the story,

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com , go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/ or call us at 832-800-4441.

Should You Use Licensed and Insured Contractors?

As a handyman general contractor, we carry $1M/$2M general liability insurance to protect our customers and ourselves from unforeseen problems. So, every time we bid a job, this insurance cost is included in the price we charge for our services. In addition, if the job we are bidding requires a license, we hire a licensed sub-contractor to perform that work.

On many occasions, we are competing with workmen that are not licensed, have no insurance and are not qualified to perform the job at hand. Customers assume everyone is "required" to be licensed and have insurance, but the truth is, there are licensing laws, but there is no law requiring insurance. In fact, when a customer hires an unlicensed and/or uninsured contractor to perform work on their home, they are taking the risk of damage to their home, and more important, the risk of injury to the contractor and his/her workers. They also take the risk of damage these contractors may do to their property and the property of others.

Hazards of Hiring an Unlicensed and/or Uninsured Contractor

While licensing isn't necessarily a measure of competence, it does imply a certain level of professionalism and suggests that the contractor is committed to his or her job. More significantly, licensing and insurance can protect you from a number of potential problems, such as the following:
  • Unlicensed means uninsured. If you use a contractor who is unlicensed and/or uninsured, it means the contractor has no way of reimbursing you for any property damage he or she may cause. This means you end up paying the price. Likewise, if contractor carelessness leads to injury or damage to someone else's property, the problem is likely to become yours.
  • No coverage under homeowner's policy. THIS IS A BIG ONE!!! Most homeowners believe it is safe to use an unlicensed and uninsured contractor, assuming that any damages incurred would be covered under their own insurance policies. However, this isn't the case. Most homeowner policies require that any work to the property be done by licensed and insured contractors; coverage is often specifically excluded for damages caused by "bootleg" contractors.
  • Noncompliance with building codes. Most building projects, even minor ones, usually require permits and inspections. Unlicensed contractors are often unfamiliar with the applicable building codes and are unable to obtain permits. If your project isn't permitted or doesn't comply with building and zoning codes, you may - and probably will - be ordered to remove or repair the job. Even if a building inspector doesn't "catch" your code violation right away, you will almost certainly have to correct it if and when you try to sell your house.
  • Con artistsScams in the construction industry especially in the home improvement business have become almost legendary in the last few decades. Con artists posing as qualified contractors, and often targeting the elderly, have made national news any number of times. Even so unwary homeowners continue to be taken in by these pseudo contractors, who often promise unrealistically low prices or use scare tactics to close the deal. In these cases, the homeowner typically ends up with either an incomplete or a low quality.
  • Poor quality work. Not all unlicensed contractors do poor quality work. And not all poor quality work is done by unlicensed contractors. However, as a rule, if there's shoddy work to be done, it's usually done by unlicensed contractors. Because unlicensed contractors aren't subject to meeting specific standards, they are often untrained, less experienced, and unqualified to do certain types of work.

    Sloppy work by an unlicensed and uninsured contractor could have serious ramifications. "Basically, it's a safety hazard if your work isn't done improvement project - and several hundred, or even thousands of dollars less.
  • Limited recourse for broken contractsIf you have a dispute with a licensed contractor, you can call his or her licensing agency. Some licensing agencies offer mediation services or maintain a guaranty fund to help consumers recover their losses. At the very least, the licensing agency has the authority to suspend or revoke a dishonest contractor's license. While this doesn't necessarily ensure a contractor will play fair, it gives him or her considerably more incentive to do so.  If the contractor is uninsured, it usually indicates they are not financially able to cover problems is the arise.
In most cities, a contractor must provide the city with a certificate of insurance showing the city as a certificate holder in order to pull building permits in that city. The problem is that most contractor who are not licensed and do not carry General Liability insurance will not pull a permit anyway. In addition, there are many small jobs that do not require a permit, and even if they do, an unlicensed/uninsured contractor will "SCAB" the job and not worry about permits.

The problem here is that you are responsible to insure that the work performed was done in accordance with city code and requirements.  If the city finds out work was performed on you home without a permit, they can require you to remove walls, sheetrock, cabinets and any other impediment to inspecting the work to insure it was performed according to code. If you sell your home, this can become a hidden defect and could get you in heavy legal issues with any buyer of your home.

In short, protect yourself and your family by only hiring licensed and insured contractors... Make sure anyone who works on your home is licensed and carries enough insurance coverage to protect you, your family and, more importantly, your home.

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com or go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com for more information. You can also contact us by phone at (832) 800-4441.

Warranty Without Full Payment?

As a general contractor handyman, we work with a host of sub-contractors, and all expect to be paid weekly or according to their contract.  Why is it that customers think they can withhold large amounts of money from their contract and still receive warranty work without payment?

If you buy a car and do not pay the down payment and have your finance company pay the remaining balance to the car dealer, do you think the manufacturer will warranty the car?  NO, and in fact, you will never drive the car off the lot and if you do not pay the payments, the finance company will repossess it.

In our business, we provide labor and materials and the customer provides payment for that labor and materials.

The rub comes when the customer is completely unreasonable and thinks he or she can continue to request warranty of work completed without full payment for that work...

We have a simple philosophy, No payment...; No work... No Warranty... No Exceptions!!!

In fact, we post our 180 day warranty on our web site at www.onecallcorp.com/warranty.html.

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com or go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/woodwindow.html for more information.  You can also contact us by phone at (832) 800-4441.

Wood Window and Sash Restoration

We have provided wood window sash repair and restoration for many years and get a lot of requests to evaluate old wood windows for customer in historical districts.  Since these historical districts require that the original wood windows stay intact and cannot be replaced with new windows, repair and restoration of the windows is imperative.

Before we started offering this service, we did extensive research into the techniques and products necessary to accomplish this task and found that these type of repairs take extensive trade skills and know how, and only highest skilled and experienced craftsmen can accomplish this task.

That is why we only send our best crews to remove damaged sashes and have contracted with one of the oldest sash and window woodworking craftsmen in Houston to accomplish our wood window sash repair and restoration.

The process is very straight forward and requires the evaluation of the sashes and, if damaged or rotten, the removal of the window sashes and repair by our woodworking craftsmen.

The repair/restoration takes about 3 weeks to complete and once repairs are accomplished, the sashes are primed and painted prior to re-installation and then reinstalled into the original frame.

While the sashes are out of the frame, we request that our customer also replace the rope cord of their old rope cord counter balance system and install weather stripping.  We utilize the ART Easy Stop weather stripping system.

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com or go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/woodwindow.html for more information.  You can also contact us by phone at (832) 800-4441.

Granite Countertops

As a handyman general contractor, we do kitchen and bathroom restoration projects on an almost monthly basis.  As a part of these restorations, the replacement of counter tops is a must if the project is going to be successful.

Before we started offering this type service, we did extensive research into the techniques and products necessary to accomplish this task and found that these type of repairs take extensive skills and know how, and only the highest skilled and experienced craftsmen can accomplish this task.

That is why we only send our best crews to remove and replace counter tops and have contracted with the best craftsmen in Houston to accomplish our granite counter top installations.

As you probably know, the beauty of natural stone is legendary. From counter tops to flooring, natural stone can turn an ordinary room into a showplace. Our natural stone products include granite, marble, travertine and quart, and we offer these items in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. From prefabricated and custom counter tops, we offer our customers the largest and finest selection.

Although there are many counter top choices in the market, we believe granite is the superior choice. Stunning and stylish, granite counter tops are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom; blending well with both contemporary and traditional styles. It defines elegance in any area and contributes to the beauty of even the most modest kitchens or baths. Products made of natural stone will not depreciate with time and will add value to any property. There is no surface as distinct and unique in its beauty as natural stone. The durability of natural stone is also one of the main reasons it is selected.

In addition to withstanding high heat and traffic, stone such as granite is naturally resilient to scratches. Our granite is pre-fabricated at the manufacturer to save you both time and money. Our granite counter tops come in standard counter top and island sizes that will minimize waste and cost. With the edges already finished, our fabricator only needs to cut the granite pieces to length and add sink or cook-top cutouts prior to installation. These reduced fabrication and material costs ultimately save you money.

Our selection of granite includes 41 granite colors imported representing countries from all over the world such as Brazil, China and India, which gives you a diverse selection to suit your every need.

If you have any questions please email us at sales@onecallhomehandyman.com or go to our site at http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/countertops.html for more information.  You can also contact us by phone at (832) 800-4441.