Friday, April 22, 2016

Inspection Repair Services

As a handyman general contractor, we get a lot of calls from customers and Realtors® wanting us to provide listing and after inspection repair service in their homes or listings.

This service provides Realtor's® and their customers with a way to understand the cost of making listing and after inspection repairs, and removes any questions about "How much will it cost to make the required repairs?"

The fact is, most Realtor's® need vendors to assist them and their customers when listing and selling. Correct information is the key to informed listing and selling of homes. Smart agents have a host of tools, including repair vendors to assist them in doing their job.

Realtot's® and customers who have correct information and are in touch with the trends and the ones who list, sell and complete transactions swiftly.

We charge a nominal fee of $85 for our inspection service, which is credited if the Realtor® or client utilizes us to repair their home.

If you have any questions please email us at or go to our site at In addition, if you would like to order our Inspection Service, just to to

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